Top 5 most popular car games in the world

 Top 5 most popular car games in the world

Dear readers, today we introduce you to the 5 most popular car games in this episode of TOP 5

Granted, some may think it's a waste of time, and parents may think it's a distraction from learning, but who among us as children enjoyed playing video games, or so-called (video games) games? does not take
Top 5 most popular car games in the world

In fact, dear viewer, despite some cautious studies linking video games to violence or obesity, on the other hand, there is growing evidence that some of these games, particularly car games, can significantly improve mental skills. can increase your attention to hazards on the road, and also the ability to multitask.

Dear viewers, today we have selected for you 5 most popular car games that you must have tried or heard about.

5- Fifth and last place in Forza game

    The game was released in 2005 with a sales volume of 16 million copies. Also, the game is divided into two editions: the original Forza Edition and the Forza Horizon Edition which debuted in 2012. So far, 9 versions have been released; the most famous and best-selling of these copies is Forza Motorsport 3rd Edition, released in 2009.

4- The 4th place in the list of 5 most famous car games in the world is occupied by the game (Midnight Club).

The game was named after the Japanese illegal racing club of the same name in the nineties and for holding illegal races at midnight on the (Bantu) highway between the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama and the first edition of Midnight Club The Game. was internationally renowned. came out in 2000 and only three have been released since then, most recently Midnight Club Los Angeles in 2008, and in that short span, Midnight Club games have sold roughly 18 million and 500,000 copies.

3- In third place is the game Gran Turismo (GT) with 77 million copies sold.

Since its launch in late 1997, the Gran Turismo series has launched 6 major editions and several sub-editions. The seventh edition (Gran Turismo Sport) is expected to be released in 2017. This is the most popular version and the best-selling version of the Gran Turismo game. It was the third version, Gran Turismo 3, which was released in 2001.

2- In second place is the children's game Mario Kart

The Mario Kart series is a kart racing game, the first version of which came out in 1992 and was a huge success with critics and the public, as Mario Kart set six records in the Guinness Book of World Records, including the first kart racer. The record is worldwide, with 11 Mario Kart games released over the years, the most recent being Mario Kart 8 released in 2014, while the most popular versions are the Wii version of Mario Kart 7 released in 2008 and 2011.

    Over 100 million copies of all Mario Kart games have been sold to date.

1- For the top 5 list of most famous car games in the world, it is occupied by the famous car game "Need for Speed"

The Need for Speed franchise is the most successful car game in the world and one of the most successful video games, with over 150 million copies sold at last count.

The game first appeared in 1994 as "Need for Speed", after a line from the famous film "Top Gun", which was widely noted by critics and said to be the driving force behind the development of young Americans joining the military. Contributed a lot. In these decades, the game has released more than 22 versions, the most famous of which are "Need for Speed Underground" launched in 2003 and "Most Wanted" in 2005. As for the latest version of Need for Speed, it was released in late 2015.

Dear readers, here is the list of top 5 most popular car games in the world. hope you like it!

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