The 7 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android - MakeUseOf

 The 7 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android - MakeUseOf

1. Instagram (Android, iOS)

Instagram (Credit: Future/Sally Grotta)

Instagram has more than 850 million users for good reason: Its focus on making it quick and easy to share photos and videos on social media is a winning formula. Its intuitive interface provides a fast path from taking a photo or video with simple edits to posting to multiple social networks at the same time.

The 7 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android - MakeUseOf

Like and share posts, send and receive direct messages, and engage with others are basic activities on Instagram. In fact, the most important metric (used by businesses and influencers to monetize their Instagram accounts) is your engagement rate, or how many people view and like your posts. Many of the recently added features include tools to measure and increase engagement rates. This includes removing "ghost followers" (those who don't interact with your posts) and the ability to follow individual hashtags that lead to more views and likes. A cool security feature now lists all the recent emails that Instagram has sent you, so you can check if any messages actually came from Instagram and aren't phishing attacks.

Instagram often adds and removes widget features, confusing some users and annoying others. But the one constant is its continued popularity.

Download Instagram: Android and iOS

2. Google Photos (Android and iOS)

Google Photos is the only photo app we think is essential for any mobile device. If you lost all your media files when your phone was dead or out of place, you will understand why. Although it has few editing tools, Google Photos organizes your photos and videos, offers easy sharing, and best of all, automatically backs up your entire photo library to the cloud. From there, it seamlessly syncs to all of your devices where the app is installed. This includes iPhones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers; Windows PC and all Android devices.

Google's photo editing features are designed to be fast and easy with minimal user input. For example, the only sliders a user can control are adjusting the color, brightness, and contrast (pop) of the entire image. It also has some filters with sliders to control the strength of the effect. Google Photos also has its fun side. For example, it automatically creates animated GIFs from the photos you take in batches.

Google Photos is also one of our picks for the best photo storage and sharing sites. Remember, it no longer offers unlimited storage: any photos you upload will count towards your free Google Drive's 15GB limit. If you want more space, you'll have to pay, starting at $1.99 per month for 100GB.

That caveat aside, Google Photos is a must-have. Just download it, set it up, and let it do its thing in the background.

Download Google Photos: Android and iOS

3. Pixtica (Android)

Pixtica doesn't do a lot of things that other photo editing apps don't, but it's hard to get it all in one place - and in such a slick, easy-to-use package.

This Android-only app gives you complete control over every aspect of your photography, from ISO to shutter speed to focus, while live filters, panoramic photos, HDR, stickers, and time-lapse modes give you plenty of creative options.

The paid version adds more filters, higher resolution, and unlocks many other options, but the free version is enough for most people.

Download Pixtica: Android

4. Prism (Android, iOS)

Prisma offers something a little different than most of the best photo editing apps because it's built around stylish filters inspired by real artists. While many other apps use filters—notably Adobe Photoshop Camera, which is higher on this list—Prism gets into the artistic side of things, letting you turn your photos into Picasso or Van Gogh portraits. High thumbnail. It really works, the effects are applied using smart AI and the results are very accurate.

In all, there are over 300 candidates available, but many of them are locked behind a paywall; You can pay $1.99 per week, $7.99 per month, or $29.99 per year to unlock it. The premium subscription also allows you to retouch your photos in high definition. After applying the filter, you can easily add a custom background, easily adjust exposure, contrast and other settings, and save it to your phone or share it with others. We also add new filters regularly to keep the app up to date.

Download Prisma: Android and iOS

5. Facetune 2 (Android, iOS)

Facetune 2 remains the best photo editing app for photo retouching. It goes beyond skin smoothing, toning, and teeth whitening with its innovative intelligence. For example, her makeup tools, subtle color lines, shadows, and highlights. I especially like the ability to turn a serious expression into a more attractive smiling image. Simple slider controls allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of the effect. You can even change the photos in the camera preview before taking the photo.

Unfortunately, if you don't purchase the premium version of the app, you won't be able to use some of the more interesting tools. This includes changing the background, sky or eye color, removing blemishes, or using retouching tools (such as removing under-eye bags, reshaping eyebrows and facial structure, oradd glow to skin).

The premium version costs $1.99 per month, $35.99 annually, or $69.99 as a one-time purchase, which is quite expensive. The free version is still a powerful tool. Download it to easily enhance your photos and selfies.

Download Facetune 2: Android and iOS

6. Yu Guang (Android, iOS)

Afterlight 2 is designed for users who want to take their time editing a single photo. The color, exposure, composition, and structure tools are quite comprehensive, including layers, curves, and selective color grading. The stickers are simple and varied, and the text includes a variety of fonts; Both can be modified for color, opacity, position, size, and rotation. In addition to canceling and canceling with multiple levels, you can also use the history screen to cancel images for a specific level. Alternatively, you can use the Layers dialog to select, edit, or delete specific changes.

The interface is generally easy to use, after an initial confusion with a few non-standard icons on the homepage. Unfortunately, access to a wealth of tools and options, not to mention over 130 filters, is only available by purchasing a membership for $2.99 per month, $17.99 per year, or $35.99 for life. Also, the Android version is not as advanced as the iOS version.

Download Afterlight: Android and iOS

7. VSCO (Android, iOS)

With a focus on traditional photography, VSCO includes a wide range of image corrections and adjustments that produce high quality results, including film emulsion style filters. It can even import RAW files. However, its feature set is not as comprehensive as some of the other best photo editing apps. For example, there is no selective editing, text, or special effects, and while you can choose a border color from an image, the only border type is a somewhat retro type that creates a square image format. However, you can only save up to 10 "recipes" (lists of edits made to a photo) for use with other photos. VSCO also offers an impressive set of preset capture controls (iOS only, not Android), including selective focus points and manual controls for white balance, ISO, and exposure.

VSCO has a community of users and influencers ("VSCO girl" is a real meme), but don't expect the kind of interaction you get on Instagram or other social networks. On the other hand, posting images from VSCO to any of your phone's networks is easy, though only one at a time. All photos you post to your VSCO profile are public, even those without a VSCO account, and your only privacy settings relate to the shared location settings for your photos.

The free app is limited to basic editing tools (still images only) and ten presets (filters). For just $19.99 per year, you get access to a video editor, over 200 presets, advanced editing tools like HSL and borders, montage and animation tools including layers, weekly photo challenges, and more powerful tutorials and support (tips, tricks, and tutorials). . VSCO is the photographer's tool for producing high quality results using the tools it provides.


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