Best iPhone app lock software for 2023: Free AppLock download

 Best iPhone app lock software for 2023: Free AppLock download

When you think about it, you will immediately realize that there is a lot of data on your iPhone that you do not want anyone to see, in which case you will not find any way to help you protect your privacy on iOS. system, the best iPhone app locker or even keeping your phone private by downloading it for free, in our day and age, smartphones have become more than just tools we use to make calls and text. have become our ideal companions, thanks to the advanced ecosystem provided by the main operating systems Android and iOS, it allows the existence of many applications and programs that allow us to get the most out of our mobile phones Are.
Best iPhone app lock software for 2023: Free AppLock download

Today, we have apps for taking pictures, making financial transactions, accessing our bank accounts, and storing other documents and documents related to our work, browsing apps, and much more. So, in short, there are many applications that contain personal and sensitive information and data that we want to protect from prying eyes. So, there is no doubt that we all need to search for the best App Locker for iPhone in 2023 so that we can keep our data safe from tampering by others. In this article, we will show you a complete set of AppLock application lock program with many functions such as password, fingerprint or code lock. Be sure that any one of them will help you protect your privacy in the best possible way.

8 Best App Lockers for iPhone in 2023

1. Locker is the best iPhone app lock app

Locker App is one of the best app locker for iPhone, it has a lot of great features to help you protect your privacy, you can save your personal photos and videos in the app, and also a password known only to you Can Set gives you the ability to move app icons around within an app from prying eyes. It also helps you keep personal notes and annotations within the app.

The best part is that it allows you to replace the app's icon with another fake icon, such as an alarm clock app or a calculator icon, so as to leave no doubt, you may find an issue when using this app. must, if you delete this application it will delete all the data you saved in it and there is no other way to get it back again so in any other place than data you saved in application It is better to have a backup of your data in a safe place.

2. iPhone App Lock program lock apps with fingerprint and password

It is one of the best and more professional app lock software for iPhone as it combines several advantages in the way of securing data properly, first of all, if you are using iOS 12 or later, It can help you autofill passwords, it can protect files, photos, and videos, it also syncs data with the iCloud service, which provides a backup in case your data is accidentally deleted. Important and essential feature. Of course, another important feature is the ability to protect the app via fingerprint or Face ID, though of course you can only set up a passcode.

The only downside is that it doesn't offer any possibility of fake detection so you have to hide its icon on your phone screen where no one can see it, on the positive side it supports multiple languages except English Also compatible with iPad and iPod touch devices if you need to use AppLock software on these devices.

3. Password manager program lock applications with password for iPhone

Password manager application is basically a password management application which helps you to autofill passwords for your accounts on internet sites. Certainly, this is a great feature if you are prone to forget data and information about your online accounts. Having a master password so you never forget it, but going back to the features we've built in for this, it can also help lock you down. Apps with password and fingerprint scanner.

You can lock your browser, store important images in it, create multiple folders in it and organize them to hide all your important data in a safe place. Also, if an intruder or intruder tries to guess and use the wrong password several times in a row. Certainly, it is one of the best iPhone app lock programs. However, I do find that it lacks a number of other features, such as mock detection or the ability to hide app icons. Lastly, it will help you lock down apps, but it's great if you need a password manager.

4. AppLock protects your private photos

App lock app helps you to create your own secret vault which enables you to store your personal photos, videos, notes, documents, various files and password using password or pin code mode, but it is a very professional app is because it changes shape Allows a number of app symbols and icons to create fake identities But not only that, it also includes a photo editor.

You can even rely on it to open photos and play your videos. It's a great and simple app in my personal opinion. You can use it as an editor to edit photos and videos. It's an elimination of it. All doubt and doubt about special features, but it's main function is to hide your photos in a safe vault and keep your apps completely safe, away from prying eyes and strangers.

5. Secret Vault Lock Photo o

Secret vault app doesn't seem to be able to lock your apps with password, but you can trust it to save all your data and keep it safe in the best possible way, you can save all your privacy photos, videos from it. files, documents, messages, audio logs, chats, links, PDF documents and any type of files, you can create subfolders and hide them inside, you can lock the app with password, pin pattern, fingerprint sensor or face Can be protected by ID.

Inside the app, you'll find a feature that allows you to display your content as a slideshow or list, which is a great feature if you plan to have a lot of files and images in it, as it Helps you preview your content easily. , it supports double-click to enlarge pictures, supports background music and transition mode, so in short, you can trust it to keep your precious information and data inside, but it Can't lock your apps.

6. Secure lock to hide secret photos

This is another example of best app locker for iPhone which is very safe and secure, popular and reputed among iPhone users, so you can trust it with your personal data without any hesitation, this app is your Secure helps you keep photos and personal data safe. Secure Vault, unfortunately it can't lock apps, but with this you can create a single vault with all your photos, videos and other files inbox and protect them with a password, PIN, fingerprint or Face ID .

One of the other major advantages is that it enables you to take pictures through the camera feature built inside it, and it automatically stores your pictures in a secure vault, away from prying eyes , so it is ideal for taking the photos you want but you can still keep all kinds of documents and other information in it such as documents, documents and IDs such as passport photos, bank cards and such sensitive data, the additional feature is that is that it lets you set a fake password which is a really cool feature, which can help you easily mislead your victims.

7. Secret Folder Lock

Secret Folder Lock is the perfect app that helps you keep your photos in a secret vault from prying eyes. No, it does not provide the ability to lock the app in any way, but you can still rely on it to keep your important and sensitive data safe, especially photos, after saving your photos. , then by setting a password, enable fingerprint so you are completely protected and like safe lock app it gives you the ability to set a fake password to mislead anyone who wants to open the app without your knowledge Tries and except you want to see you will not get any important information from the application other than what you have accessed.

You can also hide pictures and folders there, you can set up new trees for subfolders and name folders in the app. You can sort files in it by date, time, size and even file type. It is an amazing and comprehensive app, one of the best app lockers for iPhone in 2023.

8. Best Secret Folder

Finally, we have a great application that is very simple and intuitive and offers a host of great features to protect your important and sensitive files. This app is a secure folder where you can keep all the photos and videos that you don't want anyone except you to see. You will be able to keep this information safe and unique by creating a password so that no one can guess them, the app offers you two ways to save videos and photos, transfer files from your gallery app, or it lets you Enables you to use the camera functions to shoot from within the app, so that those videos are automatically saved when you exit the app.

Of course, you can store many other types of data in it, such as notes, financial transaction data, and such file formats. It also logs all failed logins with incorrect passwords, which is a nice feature to alert anyone trying to spy on you and compromise your privacy, but in all cases you Can enable fake video mode so as to mislead the victim. Application.


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