10 best video editor apps for Android

 10 best video editor apps for Android

You won't find an experience like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, but you still have options.
10 best video editor apps for Android

Video editing is one of the heaviest tasks a device can handle. On PC, it requires good specs, lots of RAM, plenty of storage and some knowledge of how to run it. The phones don't have the specs or features to replicate experiences like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. However, mobile apps have improved significantly in this regard. Many can even manipulate 4K video and create something that looks good enough for TikTok or YouTube.

We don't expect the list below to change very often, as video editing is a very difficult activity. However, there are some good options. This is the best video editor app for Android.

Action Manager Video Editor

ActionDirector is one of the most popular video editing applications on PC. It is also available on Android. Make the base. You can import clips, edit them, and watch videos. You can do things like add your own music, trim and trim videos, add text, use slow motion, and more. It is one of the few video editor apps that also supports 4K video. You will have to check and see if your device supports it. The developers have linked a nice tool in the Google Play Store, and see if they can make it. It will also be updated frequently.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the two higher-than-average Adobe video editor applications. Another is Adobe Premiere Clip, which is closer to a standard portable video editor. Regardless, Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the newer video editor apps on the list, and it's pretty good. It comes with many must-have features, including a multi-track timeline, cloud sync, and some advanced editing tools. The app still needs some UI work and some bug fixes, but it has a lot of potential. Plus, it's included with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, so it's worth checking if you're already using the service.

Interestingly, the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom (Google Play) actually includes some video editing features as well.


CapCut is a simple yet powerful video editor. It's mainly for TikTok creators, but you can also use it for Reels and YouTube Short. Focuses on short videos. There are plenty of filters and templates at your disposal. They are used to simulate current trends and some interesting filters. You get some of the traditional video editing features like keyframe editing, slow motion support, picture-in-picture functionality, and more. The best part is that the app didn't bother us to pay anything while we were testing it. According to Google Play, there are in-app purchases, but we didn't find them during testing.


FilmoraGo is a video editor app from Wondershare. It is easily one of the best video editor apps out there. This video editor is wall mounted. You can perform basic operations like cropping, cropping, rendering, and more. It also includes reverse playback and the ability to create square (1:1) videos for Instagram and 16:9 videos specifically for YouTube. It also supports slow motion, transitions, music, overlays, and more. It's not bad for what you get. There are in-app purchases to add functionality. However, most of the features are actually free.

Funimate Video Editor

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Funimate is a very popular but not very powerful video editor app. This is a great app for creating music videos or simple video clips from what you already have on your device. 15 video filters are available, and the creation process is very simple. This is not something you want to use in a serious video. It has video effects and such. However, using a short social media post is better than actually producing a video. You can download it for free and try it out for yourself.

GoPro is fast


GoPro Quik is the next generation video editing app. Not bad if you need something simple. The way it works is you add up to 50 photos and videos in the app. Then the app analyzes it and plays a short movie. Quik has about two dozen video styles that you can rearrange and customize your video before exporting. It's not as powerful as Adobe Premiere Clip or PowerDirector, but not everyone needs something that powerful. Free to download, no in-app purchases required.


InShot is a very simple video editor that mainly focuses on functions like filters, video clips, and short videos. It has a fairly simple timeline editor with multiple video and audio channels. You also get basic tools like cropping, batch music, and other small features like fading in. Its collection of widgets, sticker packs, speed controls, and other features make it a perfect match for YouTube, TikTok, and similar platforms. We also like how it comes with a one-price subscription if you want to go that route.


KineMaster is one of the most powerful video editor applications available, and one of the first video editing applications. You can do the basics like most other video editing software. However, it does include multiple layers of video, images, and effects. In addition, there are audio and chroma key filters (for outdoor green screens), various video effects, transitions and more. It's not as powerful as a full desktop editor. However, it is very close to most of the other competitors. We recommend using it to produce an actual video (at least for something like YouTube). You can use it for free for a while in trial mode. However, you will need a $4.99 monthly subscription to get all the content forever.


PowerDirector is one of the most comprehensive video editor apps on this list. It has many features, including quick editing tools, various effects, and other tools, as well as features like collage maker and slow motion support. The interface is relatively easy to use and uses the classic timeline editor approach. Anyone who edits video should be familiar with it. It is free to download and use, but you will have to pay a little extra to get all the features. This is a real video editor, especially for large screens like Chromebooks or tablets.

fifa video

VivaVideo is one of the most popular video editing applications. But in fact, it is a very mediocre video editor. This works especially well for short clips for social media. The app uses the storyboard editing method, where you upload a clip, edit it, cut it as needed, and move on to the next one. It includes more than 200 video filters and various other effects, text input, fast motion and slow motion support. VivaVideo has a free version that includes a watermark and time limit for any given video. You can remove these restrictions by purchasing the Pro version.

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