4 Ways to Make Money with Instagram 2023

Make Money with Instagram 2023

Instagram is a social network with currently 1221 million active users worldwide. Every day more and more people are using this social network to promote their products/services. 

If you already have a community of followers, you can sell and monetize your products by using Instagram as a platform to get to know them. 

But this is not the only way to make money, there are many ways to do it. That is why we present you this article to know how to make money from this social media platform like Instagram. 

4 Ways to Make Money with Instagram 2023
Make Money with Instagram 2023

1st- Create your own product shop. 

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Instagram and making money is selling products and that is why Instagram introduced the Instagram Shopping feature in 2016. 

But running a goods store requires a few things. The first is to convert your account to a commercial account, the second is to have your own domain and  website as that is the way of buying through ecommerce. 

Here is a link to the steps  to get the Instagram shopping feature.

 By the way, Instagram purchases are visible only  in the Instagram mobile application, if you log into Instagram from a computer browser, you will not be able to see this option. Here is an example. 

 2.- Affiliate Marketing. In 

affiliate marketing, the affiliate promotes the entrepreneur/company's product  in return for a commission for each sale or action taken.

This means that a businessman or entrepreneur launches a new product, partners receive the product and are responsible for spreading the product on all their social networks. thought about the product. 

When users see the product and are convinced  they need it, they  click on the links left by the partner and then make a purchase. 

This process involves  marketing tools that  identify the affiliate link and when the entrepreneur verifies the purchases  made through the link disseminated by the affiliate, he receives his commission on all  sales generated through the link. 

But  to profit from affiliate marketing, you need to have an audience to  offer those products to. So if  you have to be an influencer to claim this benefit.

Speaking of influencers, let's talk about influencer marketing. 

3.- Influencer Marketing. 

influencers are  popular on social media, where they  share stories, events, issues and even opinions on a given topic. 

Content like this can make you laugh, think, and even take action.Hence the term influencer. Brands then use  these influencers to promote their products as there are different types of influencers. 

Each type of influencer has a number of followers who create a market niche, a niche that the brand wants to reach. 

Because a brand or business can benefit from this audience simply because they can acquire new customers through influencers. 

So how do you make money here?As we have already said, brands or companies are interested in attracting new customers. 

And you, as an influencer, have a specific area in which you have evolved and you have followers who are closely associated with that area. The brand will then contact you to establish an exchange relationship or employment contract for you  for a specific period of time. 

Profile Exhibitor of the 

Brand Again, brands are looking for new customers and you can help them find them. Therefore, it is important to clearly define  the niche in which you will specialize.Among the niches it can be.

  • Sports 
  • Pets 
  • Fashion 
  • Beauty 
  • Jewelry 
  • Travel 
  • Shopping 
To complement this, your profile should be very meaningful and creative. Because your profile contains a short summary of the content you are dealing with. 

reels and creative content. 

 t goes without saying that creativity is an important factor, because it ensures originality. And when we combine creativity with different content such as entertainment, education or technology.
It is certain that we will be able to receive content that will attract many people's attention. But in order to get these visits, we must get them organically, i.e. without paying for the observation deck. 
The perfect medium is Instagram Reels. The good thing about Reels is that it gives people the ability to find you organically, and in a recent update, Facebook promised to give Instagram more organic reach so you're more likely to be discovered by more users. 

 entries sponsored by brands.

Once you have a lot of followers, you will have a trending post or two. You may already be targeted by a brand or two. 
 But it will be different because some brands choose influencers based on brand guidelines. It is therefore necessary to take care of its language and  image for this to be possible. 
 So, if you pass this filter, the brand will contact you and start a conversation to generate  content dedicated to it.In this case, the brand will either sponsor you for the content you create or recommend that  you  create based on their guidelines. 

 4.- Teach what you know and offer your services. 

As you may already know, many people  offer their services on Instagram and  offer them in so many ways and forms that  at some point you stop realizing that you need advice or advice from these people. 
This is the interesting part, because you can showcase your knowledge on social networks and offer it to a wider audience, making money from your profession.
 But if you're trying to be new to the area, you certainly don't know how, so you should take advantage of the various ways Instagram offers to help new audiences find you. Telling 


But before you act, you must realize that one of the fundamental elements is that in order to promote your product or service and  make money from it, you must have marketing skills. But here we're going to share  a little marketing technique with you, and that's storytelling. 
 Have you ever been intrigued by an advertisement that made you identify and feel like the character in the story?Well I have to tell you that  you were influenced by the marketing stories here and  you were the target of this campaign. 
This technique is known as storytelling, which is the art of telling a story using techniques inspired by writers and screenwriters to get a message across in a memorable way. 
Many people and companies  use  this technique because storytelling makes needs meaningful. So it's important that you learn it, and once you've learned it, apply it to some of your content.
  • However, it is worth noting that there is no winning storytelling technique, but  try to have fun with it.  
  • Discover the content that interests your audience. 
  • Our courses will teach you  tips and tools to make your audience fall in love with your content. 
  • Once we have learned  to tell stories and we have managed to attract this or that customer, we can talk about our experiences of working with this brand or that customer, 
  • What do we have thanks to Ten? Gain credibility and increase your experience points.
As consumers, we value someone's experience, and the fact that a professional in a particular field shares a particular experience gives us great credibility. You also have the possibility of  someone considering you for a similar project in the future. 

Create fun content about your profession. 

This is where finding the fun side of your job and creating related content is important. You can use a post, story, or  reel. 
To better explain this idea, we present the example of a photographer who offers his services with content that is super fun and educational at the same time. 

Join live broadcasts on Instagram.

For a professional who wants to get known and  sell his services indirectly, establishing civil partnerships with other people is a great opportunity to get known because there is a new audience that can discover you and become very interested in  you Contents. 
Therefore, this opportunity can help you attract new subscribers and repeat sales. So don't hesitate to partner with Lives. 
Use IGTV. 

If you have long content that solves problems for your audience, don't hesitate to use IGTV because you can opt for longer videos here.Also, don't forget to promote your brand or services at the end of each video. 
 Although IGTV also serves to recycle the life you  had, so feel free to use it. 
 You have capital, invest it in advertising. 
 The competition  on Instagram makes it harder every day to stand out and monetize your account. There is never any harm in investing money in advertising as it can help  multiply your investment exponentially. Remember, digital advertising isn't just for big brands.


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