Intelienz presents Snapchat campaigns: 2 creative and successful examples

Intelienz presents Snapchat campaigns: 2 creative and successful examples

Intelienz presents Snapchat campaigns: 2 creative and successful examples

Is it possible to create successful and creative Snapchat campaigns? Here are some examples of how to use this social network for your marketing strategy.

One of the most evident trends in social networks is the growing popularity of Snapchat.

This social network was born in 2011 under the name of Pictaboo, and was originally designed to rival Whatsapp, has positioned itself as the biggest competitor to Facebook.

Although Facebook surpasses it in many aspects, the digital marketing intelligence company Intelienz is documenting some interesting campaigns of brands that bet on Snapchat.

The document Global Innovation: 7 Digital Marketing Trends, explains that Snapchat has positioned itself as a contender to Facebook for the number of interactive features it offers.

While all social networks had adopted the tradition of publishing content in a more or less chronological timeline, Snapchat introduced the concept of stories, a form of publication that opens up the possibilities of storytelling to the masses, without the worry of accumulating a history that you have to account for.

According to the paper, the key functionalities for Snapchat users are:

  • The creation of personal stories
  • The use of drawings and stickers
  • The use of filters.

Why did Snapchat become popular?

Gary Vaynerchuk explains that Snapchat became popular because it is the social network most similar to a real, in-person conversation.

That is, our real interactions are not perfect, we are not formal and above all, we do not accumulate information.

While Snapchat is more difficult than understanding any other social network, the level of connection it generates with users is much more powerful than all social networks.

And this is demonstrated in the data provided by the site ExpandedRamblings:

  • Snapchat has already surpassed 300 Million monthly active users.
  • More than 3,000 million snaps a day are shared around the world.

Here we share with you 2 cases of brands that are using Snapchat in their campaigns.

2 creative and viral Snapchat campaigns

Traditionally, brands bet on social networks that bring them more security, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

But these are two cases of innovative brands that bet on technology to make Snapchat campaigns.

U Supermarkets: Content as fresh as your fish

One of Snapchat's main features is that its content is always fresh.

That is, when you log in to Snapchat you will always find posts that are less than 24 hours old.

Taking advantage of this feature, U Supermarkets, a chain of stores in France, launched a campaign to showcase the freshness of its seafood products.

To carry out this campaign, U gave Spectacles, (the Snapchat glasses) to three people:

  • To a fisherman
  • A fish seller
  • A buyer.

These people recorded the distribution process of the product, from the moment it comes out of the sea, until it reaches the kitchen.

Supermarkets U printed labels with Snapcodes and invited its customers to scan the codes to watch the videos on Snapchat.

Following the nature of Snapchat posts, these videos were only available for 24 hours.

The codes were only placed on fish that were caught on the same day, with the goal of reinforcing the idea that their stories were as fresh as the fish in front of them.

This compilation was shared on Facebook and YouTube and reached 1.4 million views in a few weeks.

Brawny: From your little one's perspective.

For Mother's Day, paper towel brand Brawny launched the campaign "Once a mother, always a giant."

The campaign aimed to present that for a little one, the mother will always be someone big.

For this, it gave out several Spectacles to record everyday scenes, in real homes, where even some disasters could be seen.

This campaign was viewed 1.6 million times on Facebook in just 5 days.

As you can see, Spectacles can be used to tell stories from the point of view of the wearer.

While we at iLifebelt are boosters of innovation, creativity and technology, we also see it necessary to mention that Snapchat still has some limitations:

  • Snapchat's majority of users are between the 15-21 age ranges.
  • Snapchat is not yet a social network that facilitates the discovery of new accounts.

For these reasons, these two campaigns have something in common: although the primary platform was Snapchat, the most impressive metrics were achieved on Facebook and YouTube.


We invite you to get to know Intelienz, this interesting platform that monitors and analyzes campaigns, classifying them by.

  1. Industry type
  2. Social network
  3. Technology
  4. Campaign objectives


Intelienz provides you with the most creative campaigns that are being implemented right now, so you can identify opportunities, and find inspiration for your digital campaigns.


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