12 entrepreneurial projects you can do on the Internet 2022

12 entrepreneurial projects you can do on the Internet 2022

12 entrepreneurial projects you can do on the Internet 2022
12 entrepreneurial projects

Entrepreneurship is an activity that has always existed in the history of business. In fact, many of the great brands we know today started with the idea of some young entrepreneurs who had the vision to turn their ideas into something profitable.

Today we have an incredible historical advantage that allows our business ideas to take shape and develop quickly because never before, mankind has had as much access to global knowledge as now. Do you know what I'm talking about? Of course! The Internet is one of the most powerful media today and can be one of the drivers of our entrepreneurial projects.

If you are deciding to get started in the entrepreneurial world, we leave you these ideas that can help you to direct your desires, inspire you or open a little your panorama about what can be done on the Internet.

What is an entrepreneurial project?

Let's start by defining an entrepreneurial project as one that can solve a problem in an innovative way. It is usually characterized as a project aimed at satisfying the need in a specific sector and is considered successful when it achieves that purpose and at the same time is profitable.

How difficult is it to start a business on the Internet?

This answer depends on the characteristics of your project, because, although it is not too complicated to use the new digital tools, you must take into account internal aspects of your business idea or project to consider how difficult it may be to reach your goals and the landscape and market in which you start your venture.

Therefore, the most advisable thing to do before starting is to have real data, specific objectives of what you want to achieve and detailed plans of the actions you need to carry out and the resources you require.

But do not panic, we have some data with which you can begin to see the horizon of entrepreneurship according to the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico.

Entrepreneurial Universe in 2022

  • 39% Women entrepreneurs
  • 61% Male entrepreneurs

Age of the companies

  • 36% between 1 and 3 years
  • 22% less than one year
  • 14% between 4 and 5 years
  • 13% between 6 and 10 years
  • 15% more than 10 years

What they offer

  • 45% services
  • 25% products
  • 30% products and services

Digital presence

  • 85% of projects have digital presence
  • 15% do not have a digital presence

8 Motivations for entrepreneurship

  1. Personal growth
  2. Solving market or environmental problems
  3. Find a profitable opportunity
  4. Increasing the level of income
  5. Developing a service product
  6. No longer having a boss
  7. No stable job
  8. No stable job * Flexible hours

4 Main difficulties faced by Mexican entrepreneurs 


  1. Financing alternatives
  2. Tax structure
  3. Bureaucracy
  4. Fear of failure

4 Main reasons for failure

  1. Lack of market knowledge
  2. Poor business management
  3. Problems with partners
  4. Lack of working capital

So, by thinking about these data, we can understand that having an entrepreneurial project whether offline or online requires paying attention, as we already mentioned, to the environment in which we are going to develop, the market we want to reach and its possible difficulties.

Check out this super guide to better understand digital business and know what else you should consider in the online business world.

But not everything is planning, also having passion for what you do is a key to success for any entrepreneur because, this path also requires mental strength and self-motivation to move forward.

12 entrepreneurial project ideas (examples)

And well, if your entrepreneurial vein is still excited when you read these words, here we leave you 12 ideas of projects that you can undertake from the Internet. Maybe some of these ideas will check with your own purpose.

1. Package and sell knowledge

Now more than ever, online education has had an accelerated growth and demand among the public around the world due to the changes caused by the 2020 pandemic. This represents a great opportunity to start a knowledge-focused project.

We are not only talking about selling courses of something you master but creating a site where you can sell other people's knowledge, for example creating categories and packages of one or two courses either live or pre-recorded that you do not necessarily teach. In this model you can focus on specific communities of knowledge consumers and look for the people who can provide it.

According to the Internet Association's 2021 online education study, online and blended learning modalities are preferred by the 25-39 age group.

That is, for people of working age and economically active only in Mexico, taking into account that with the internet you can open your offer to other countries in Latin America Do you see any opportunity there?💸

2. Create an e-commerce agency

More and more people want to add their business to the digital world but they don't always know how to do it. How about creating a project where you can manage for them (or with them) their online business. We know that you don't need to be an expert programmer because there are options like Tiendanube that allow you to create online stores easily.

The advantage is that you could choose a specific niche of customers and with some extra hands create a project that supports more people.

3. Sell accounting and financial services

Think of how many entrepreneurs need help with their accounting. If you are an accountant, financier or know a community of accountants who can provide services for new entrepreneurs, sell them!

You can offer packages ranging from bookkeeping and reporting to creating and analyzing business financial statements. Depending on the maturity stage of the business, you can create different niche markets to sell these types of services.

4. Launch a photo sales project.

If you are an Instagram star and your photos are the kind that get hundreds or thousands of likes, don't wait too long, many sites and web magazines are looking for people who can help them feed their social networks and sites with unpublished content.

You'd be surprised how many online, travel, social and lifestyle magazines don't have enough material to post on their social networks. Start monetizing your profile by reaching out to magazine web editors and show them your personal book.

5. Create a community of translators

Are you good at languages and have translation certificates but don't like to teach? Surprise! There are many people who feel the same way you do and there are many others who need your services. Why not find that community of translators and target them to a specific market?

6. Support local businesses to sell online

Another good opportunity on the Internet is to create your online store with local products that you don't necessarily produce yourself. For example, you can have a specific online store for the southern area of your city where you offer natural products from local businesses in certain neighborhoods, you are in charge of positioning, attracting and selling online and they produce.

This is similar to dropshipping but on a local scale, of course you can launch to make it bigger, in this post you will find everything you need to know to generate this type of business in Mexico.

📌Tip: You could start with coffee shops and make deliveries according to the customer's location.

7. Create your university book summaries project.

This is one of the entrepreneurial projects I always longed for someone to do for me in college. If you search YouTube and even Spotify you'll probably find shows and channels dedicated to talking about bestselling book summaries, business books or novels but can anyone think of college students?

How about creating an internet project where you summarize and explain college books by classic authors in audio or video?

📌Tip: Remember that your audience is students. The subscription could be decent out of pure solidarity, the volume will pay back.

8. Launch a local delivery project.

It's not about competing with the most popular delivery apps... or yes, that depends on how much effort and resources you dedicate, but as an entrepreneurial project, starting by making deliveries within your neighborhood or other neighborhoods where it may not be very common to use delivery apps, can be a profitable venture.

Example: There are very large subdivisions in different cities in the country where there are stores of different things, however there are people who are not willing to go down for some nails to the entrance of the subdivision because they live on the 4th floor. That is where your project comes in.

9. Support other entrepreneurs to take advantage of the digital world.

If you are an expert in digital marketing, SEO, content, UX or any other digital discipline, you can not only aspire to create a great consulting agency, you can create small tutorials on how to approach their business to the online world. We are full of content that tells us what to do, but few people teach us how. That is a great opportunity to start an entrepreneurial project and bring more people into the online business world.

💡Example: You could start in groups of entrepreneurs offering brief consultations and then sell pre-recorded tutorials on how to brand their networks.

10. Offer research services

As we have seen in this and other articles, the digital world is extremely extensive and vast for creating business possibilities. Now let's think about what those businesses are missing: data! You can start a project where you dedicate yourself to generate studies, surveys and behavioral reports, needs and statistical data for different sectors. Yes, everything from the Internet, even surveys.

11. Sell written digital content

This project goes beyond writing in a blog or entering a freelance platform to write articles. It is about creating content according to a specific niche that helps the attraction strategy of various entrepreneurs or businesses. Articles, e-books, guides, infographics, a whole package of content so that they can be positioned in search engines.

📌Tip: Read our article on SEO and find out why this point is important.

12. Create communities around a specific topic

Everyone has a hobby and the project of creating communities remains a successful venture. This project is about aggregating relevant content that your community finds valuable around a specific topic that you can then monetize with brands and sponsorships that are interested in your audience.

It seems obvious and somewhat competitive, however the trend of internet penetration in Mexico continues to increase and every day more people enter the digital world. Do you think the market is small?

In conclusion

These are just some examples of entrepreneurial projects that you can do online and this time of the year is a good time to start your plans and achieve the successful business you want in 2022.

Another important point will always be that your project is linked to your personal purpose, this will greatly help to keep afloat any business and make it successful.


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