How to make money on YouTube (in 2022)

How to make money on YouTube (in 2022)

How to make money on YouTube (in 2022)

With the popularity of youtubers only increasing, whether it's in the media, audience or number of views, many think that it's easy to make money on YouTube.

But, is it for everyone? Can you make enough money to live on? Can you make a living on YouTube with advertising alone? We're going to talk about all of this in this article and show you the different ways to make money on YouTube.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, it is important to present some figures on this platform that is literally overtaking television.

YouTube numbers

  • 1.9 billion users connect each month worldwide.
  • 37.5 million users in France, that is 81% of the population.

  • 1 French person out of 2 connects at least
  • at least once a day.

  • 8 out of 10 French people between 16 and 24 years old connect at least once a day.
  • 12 millions : it's the number of subscribers that Cyprien, the biggest French youtuber, has.
  • We can see with these figures the importance that this platform takes.
  • And the more people there are on a platform, the more it attracts the attention of companies that are willing to pay to display their ads.

How to monetize your YouTube channel?

Directly, when we think of monetization for a YouTube channel, we think of advertising.

But there are actually several other ways to make money with YouTube. We are going to present them to you by giving you the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods.


As I said, when we think of YouTube, we can think of millions of views and the possibility of getting rich quickly...


Like I said, when you think of YouTube, you can think of millions of views and getting rich quick...

I'm going to break the myth, but it's not true! I'm going to break the myth, but it's not true! First of all, it's very, very complicated to make millions of views. It depends on the sector, but on average a youtuber earns 0.80 cents for 1000 views, so for 1 million views, you will earn... 800€! That's a long way from being rich!

But I'll say it again: this is an estimate, because it also depends on the sector of your channel. Indeed, some sectors are willing to pay more for their ads, so you will earn more, but you understand that unless you are a successful youtuber, have millions of views on each of your videos and millions of subscribers, you will not be able to live with YouTube advertising.

What you need to do to get paid by YouTube

To be able to monetize your YouTube channel with advertising and thus activate the display of advertising on your channel, there are conditions to respect:

  • 1 Your channel must respect the YouTube rules and guidelines.
  • 2 You must create a Google Adsense account.
  • 3 You must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing.
  • 4 You must apply to join the YouTube partner program.

How to activate the monetization of your YouTube channel?

Once you've met the requirements, the application for review is done automatically. If Youtube validates the monetization, the ads are then displayed automatically, and if it is refused, you have 30 days to submit your channel to monetization.

Product placement

Very used in video clips to finance the cost of clips, product placement is a good way to monetize your channel.

It consists in promoting a product directly in your video. You can do this simply by showing the product, or by testing it. There is no limit.


The donation is a simple way to monetize your content. The principle is simple: you just have to give the opportunity to the Internet users to make a donation in recognition of your work.

This is not the way to earn money, but it allows you to quickly set up the monetization of your channel, without having to wait to have all the necessary conditions to activate the advertising on your channel.

A platform like tipeee allows you to set up the donation on your channel.

Link placement

Let's say you have a video that gets a lot of views. If you talk about a product or a brand in it, you can contact the brand in question and offer to add a link in your description, so that some of the video's traffic is redirected to the brand.

To do this, you can offer to put this link for a fee. Before setting this up, make sure that it respects YouTube's rules.

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube.

When you create your videos, you will be talking about services and/or products, and you can earn money from that. How do you do that? It's very simple: when someone passes by your link and then buys on the site, you get a commission on the sale.

As soon as you launch your channel, you can set this up. All you have to do is sign up on the affiliate platforms.

To find out if the product you want to promote has an affiliate program, just type the name of the product + affiliate on Google, and then you just have to register on the affiliate platform you found. The platform will then provide you with a personalized tracked link that you will use in the description of the video.

The higher you place the link in the description, the better. To make the affiliation work even better, when you have a large channel, you can negotiate a unique promo code, which you alone will offer, which will encourage people to order through your link.

Sell your own products

In my opinion, this is the best way to make money with YouTube! You don't need to have a lot of traffic to make money. If you're into cooking, for example, you can sell your own cookbook. You talk about couples, you can sell a video training. And so on! By selling your own products, you choose the margin and therefore how much you will earn.

Create your brand

No matter what your channel is about, once you have thousands or tens of thousands of followers, you can create goodies with your image: mugs, t-shirts, sweaters...

You have to understand one thing: these people who follow you are fans of what you do and they are ready to buy your products. You can easily manage the creation of these products and the orders with sites that manage all the logistics, like for example.

Partnership with brands

When you will have a significant number of fans, brands will show you a lot of interest.

You can then, why not, set up a partnership with these brands and put your name on a product, or even a whole collection, as is the case of Mister V with Asics and Caroline Receveur with L'Oréal.

Of course, you need to have a lot of subscribers and views before this type of partnership can be set up.

Sponsored content

Like product placement, in the case of sponsored content, you'll be talking about a brand and making money off of it. However, rather than just talking about it a little bit, you're actually going to highlight the product or service in question.

So you can see that there are many ways to make money on YouTube, but most of them require a lot of views and subscribers to make a living.

In my opinion, the best way to make money online when you don't have a big audience is to do affiliates, and once you've analyzed what sells well, it's to offer the sale of your own products.

After that, YouTube, like any social network or search engine, requires a lot of time to make it work. You'll have to work hard for months, even years, to start seeing interesting results: it's only the most persistent and determined who succeed in making a living on the internet.

If you want to discover other ways to make money, I present you 28 ways to make money


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