Complete guide on how to make e-commerce and boost your online sales in 2022

Complete guide on how to make e-commerce and boost your online sales in 2022

Complete guide on how to make e-commerce and boost your online sales in 2022

It happens that you need to know a couple of things to be able to generate income through an online store and, many times, we get our heads in a twist because we do not understand well what we have to do to realize this idea.

This post is made for you to remove your doubts and you can take the first steps in this direction!

First of all, what we call eCommerce or electronic commerce is the set of strategies and tools that we use for the marketing of products and services on the Internet.

The costs are low, the online store works 24 hours a day throughout the year and customers can access it from any mobile device or computer with Internet access.

In addition, there is no need to make large investments, nor to be a computer genius.

Well, are you ready to learn how to make a successful eCommerce and perfect it even more with digital marketing strategies?

Take a look at the 7 tips we have selected that are of fundamental importance in this process:

7 steps to make an eCommerce in 2022.

1. Choose the name, domain, and logo

Choosing a good name for your brand is essential to attracting your target audience. It is important that both the name and the domain (the website address) are short, easy to memorize, and easy to spell.

To help us achieve a good positioning in search engines, such as Google, for example, it is interesting that the domain contains some of our keywords.

In addition to the name and domain, special attention should be given to your brand logo, since it is the business card of your business and transmits authority and confidence to your customers. Do not forget to give visibility to your logo on the page of your online store!

2. Establish a Content Management System (CMS)

CMS (Content Management System) is a software that allows us to manage the contents of our store, from publishing to editing and changing the visual aspect, through various design templates.

In addition to content, we can also manage products and users and link them in the form of a shopping cart.

An interesting CMS for those who are just starting in the world of e-commerce is Prestashop, due to the large number of configuration options, which can be managed in a simple way, and also for its good natural positioning in search engines.

But there are many other possibilities, among them are Opencad, Magento, Digistore, Oscommerce, WooCommerce, etc.

However, it is necessary to verify, at the moment you are going to choose the hosting, that it has the CMS you have chosen.

3. Purchase a hosting option

Choosing a good hosting company guarantees a good connection speed, which is key for an excellent positioning in search engines.

If the page is very slow and takes more than X seconds to load, then it is penalized by Google and will end up at the bottom of the search results.

A hosting company also ensures that you have enough space to promote your products or services. Besides, it is practically the only investment you have to make to create your eCommerce!

So don't be stingy, look for a company that offers you a good hosting service and peace of mind so you can take your business forward.

4. Customize and organize your products in the online store

Users must have access to the list of products or services you offer. The more information you make available to your customers the better! But without exaggerations or useless information.

Adding photos, methods of use, details, advantages, and facilities that your product or service brings is indispensable.

When working with a wholesaler, they may offer a product catalog in a format that you can automatically upload to your store's website.

However, it is of utmost importance that you customize the texts so that users do not see on your site what they have already seen on other e-commerce.

In addition, this influences the positioning in search engines. So, be original and creative when presenting your products to your audience!

5. Define the means of payment

There are several payment methods for online transactions. Ideally, you should offer as many options for your customers as possible, because in an online store, you are working with a very varied public.

This way, you minimize abandonment rates and guarantee more sales for your business.

Bank transfer, credit card, integrated systems, cash on delivery, all these are means of payment that you have to count on. You also have to give your public the possibility to pay in cash at payment centers.

There are also reliable alternative solutions that do not require technical knowledge, since it is very easy to install them, and they make the implementation and integration of the payment gateway much easier, as is the case of the Paypal gateway.

The only thing is that it charges a fee, which is quite high, for each transaction made.

6. Carry out a strategy of Content marketing

Many actions will help you to bring your brand to your target audience. Create a blog that deals with issues related to your industry to help your customers identify and solve their problems.

Making a Content Marketing strategy is a good way to make your business more and more known, as it contributes to attracting traffic to the store. In addition, you can use the blog to promote offers and discounts.

You can also send advertising emails highlighting products and offers. For that, you can count on the help of automation tools and email marketing strategies.

A good marketing campaign is essential to make your business successful!

7. Provide relevant information to customers

The information you make available to your customers is what gives them the confidence and peace of mind to purchase through your site.

Therefore, include as much useful information about your company, privacy policies, frequently asked questions (FAQs), contact information, information about your main members, shipping methods, etc.

Do you have any doubts about how to make an eCommerce? Leave us a comment. And if you liked the post and want to know more about Digital Marketing, download our free e-book on Content Marketing for e-commerce to become an expert!


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