A Complete Beginner's Guide to AdSense 2022

A Complete Beginner's Guide to Adsence 2022

A Complete Beginner's Guide to AdSense
Google AdSense

Nowadays, one of the main means of higher income, for content creators, without a doubt, is Google AdSense. Therefore, today we will present you with a complete guide to Google AdSense, going over every important aspect of AdSense, right down to its relationship with Google Adwords.

Therefore, we will go over the different objectives, which we set out to accomplish in this excellent guide, and these are:

  1. The first thing will be to understand how the AdSense program works and is managed. It is also important to define the role of advertisers and publishers on the platform. In addition, a complete explanation of the characteristics of the users and their profiles.
  2. Also, we will analyze, how is the relationship between advertisers, publishers, and Google, as managers of the platform. In addition, how each one benefits from working systematically in this program. Finally, we will understand why publishers prefer to use Google AdSense to monetize their content.
  3. In addition, we will analyze the main competitors of Google AdSense, so we will understand better, what are the points, which distinguish this program, above its similar ones. Most importantly, how it behaves in each region, and its benefits worldwide.
  4. Finally, our guide will end, discussing the little feedback that Google has with its users, or malicious strategies by some users, plus some final criticisms, and how will the coming years, for all users who wish to monetize their content through AdSense.

I hope all this information will be of great help, especially to learn how Google AdSense works in your digital content. Without further ado, it's time to start!

What is Google AdSense?

There are many definitions about Google AdSense, certainly, we can review the one from Wikipedia "Google AdSense is a program managed by Google Inc. that allows publishers in Google's network of content sites to publish automatic text ads, images, video,s, and rich media targeted to the content and audience of the site".

But, let's not just stick with that little explanation. So, I'm going to discuss my perspective on Google AdSense, where do I start?

Let's start with the basics, when you visit different websites, surely, you have noticed, that there are different ads all over the web page. Normally, these ads are provided by the Google AdSense platform.

However, a point that most sites do not explain, use some terms that are repeatedly named when talking about Google AdSense, so let's mention a couple of concepts that you will see recurrently in this guide.

Publishers: They are the users, who create different content, through a blog or web page, and where Google, introduces their ads.

Advertisers: They are companies or people, who pay an amount of money to Google, to show their ads on their different platforms, so that the publisher gets a profit from that payment, for creating such content.

In conclusion, there are thousands of publishers who, from home, create their digital content to boost their blogs and websites. There are times when the publisher wants to monetize their website, so they use Google AdSense.

Meanwhile, advertisers are those who support Google AdSense, through payments to display their ads in all media that belong to Google, giving a portion of that income to publishers who choose to belong to AdSense.

Relationship between Google Adwords and Google AdSense

To know, the deepest of Google AdSense, certainly, I must explain the characteristics of another program, which is closely related to AdSense, and it is Google Adwords. Don't you know what Google Ads is?

Now, both Google AdSense and Google Adwords are two sides of the same coin. However, Google Ads fits more to the plan of a company, which has a limited budget and seeks through positioned ads, to ensure potential customers, who invest in their products or services.

Why do businesses use Google Ads? Small or large companies contact Google too to show their ads. These will appear in Google's search engines and will be adjusted to the personalized searches of the users, so they ensure the visualization of people who have a need and can become future customers.

The most important point for businesses is that they will only pay Google when a user clicks on their ads. So, there is no previous investment, only an amount is fixed, which will pay for each click made, and precisely, this value will define the hierarchy that the ad will have in Google search engines.

Now, there are different ways, how Google Ads ads are presented. The first one, if you have paid attention when you search on Google, you can

you will find the ads of the companies, and you will identify them, because, a bullet called "Ad" appears. On a Google search page, up to 4 ads can appear on the front side and 3 ads on the backside.

The other type of ads can be seen when you perform a search on Google. If you pay attention, in the side area, you can find some ads provided by Google Ads.

Reading the above, you can realize the close relationship between AdSense and Ads, both are tools for advertisers to show their products and services, with the difference that AdSense involves publishers through their blogs, and Ads is a direct deal between Google and advertisers.

How does Google AdSense work?

How are you doing with this guide? Excellent! Previously, I have told you a little about Google AdSense, however, in this part, I am going to detail its full operation, and everything you need to know about AdSense.

The first thing to remember is that advertisers will pay a certain amount of money to Google to show their ads on the websites and blogs of content creators. Here we have a very important point since Google AdSense is a tool designed especially for publishers, differentiating it from Adwords, being directed to the advertising companies.

But, it will not be so easy, since, to start showing ads on your blog or website, you will need the approval of Adsense. And how do I get the approval? Simple! By creating quality, original and substantial content for Google.

Now, Google AdSense will only pay you when visitors to your blog or website click on the ads on your site. Normally, quality content, makes, that users are captivated, and without realizing it, they have already cycled through hundreds of ads.

It's time to do some math, remember that all Adsence money comes from the advertisers, so for every click they make on your ads, you will get 68% of the payment from the advertisers on your blog or website, while the other 32% will go to Google's hands.

Let's see an example! If a company pays $100 to Google AdSense, per cycled ad, how much will you get? Exactly! $68, while the other $32 will go to Google.

Now that you know how AdSense works, let's review the ways you have to display AdSense ads on your blog or website:

  1. AdSense for Content: These are ads that have some relation with the content of the web, it can be by "Keywords" or by a certain product and/or service. These are shown throughout the content of the blog or web page.
  2. AdSense Feeds: These ads are displayed in the "Feeds" of the blogs and web pages, to get more clicks on the ads.
  3. AdSense Search: This kind of ads, appears to the user when a search is performed on Google servers.
  4. AdSense for Videos: These are the ads shown on Youtube videos.
  5. AdSense for domains: These ads can be placed by the publisher in the domain names, being very effective to get more clicks.

Finally, there are some terms used in the world of Google AdSense, being essential, that you know perfectly, let's take a look:

  • Visitors: It is the number of users, who visit or have visited your blog or website.
  • Views: It is the number of views that your blog or web page has made by visitors.

  • CPC (Cost per Click): It is the income obtained by the content creators for each click on the ads. The amount may vary, depending on the investment of advertisers.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate): It is the percentage that results from the number of visits per click. For example, if out of 100 visitors to your blog or web page, only 1 person has clicked on one of your ads, then the "CTR" will be 1%.

Remember that all these concepts will always be present while using GoogleAdsensee, so it is important that you pay close attention to them.

Eligibility and role of publishers and advertisers for AdSense and Adwords respectively

Publisher and advertiser eligibility

As I mentioned before, to start running Google AdSense ads, you must have their approval. Certainly, many years ago, getting such approval was not that complicated. However, nowadays, they have become more rigorous with the websites that want to belong to the AdSense program.

Meanwhile, in the case of advertisers, anyone paying Google can place their ads, however, it will depend on how much each advertiser can give you, to determine the position of your ads, by

determine the position of their ads, for example, if a company pays more, their ads will appear at the top of the various extensions of Google, such as, for example, blogs and web pages.

Role of publishers and advertisers

Publishers are the actors in creating quality content that attracts millions of users and that can solve their needs for a particular search. All publishers who are capable of this will be rewarded by Google.

On the other hand, advertisers are the main pillar for Google to maintain itself and to create programs such as Google AdSense.

Top Google AdSense users: demographics

It is time to talk to you in detail about the users who belong to the AdSense program, better known as "Publishers". So, if you're wondering who are the publishers, what are their demographics, how many users belong to the Adsense network, and how much are they billing today? And how much are they billing today? Relax! Because I'll explain below...

Certainly, the vast majority of bloggers around the world, are young. Since the great par comprises ages from 16 to 35 years old. Therefore, the content is usually aimed at a young audience.

Meanwhile, most bloggers tend to be in cities or urban areas of the world, where the culture of online jobs is more entrenched.

The million-dollar question: How much does a blogger earn? And the answer is very ambiguous since it depends on the quality of the content of the blog or website. For example, when I started, I earned about $250 to $300 per month, but when I improved the content of my blogs, my income increased to about $900 to $1000 per month.

Google AdSense Usage Statistics

Every day, AdSense users are going up, just to tell you, daily about 100,000 bloggers are joining, who are looking to create their blogs on WordPress. So, the number of users is practically incalculable.

Bloggers are usually people who start a blog alone, or, on the contrary, a group of people who join together to create large amounts of content. Also, as a publisher, you can hire other content creators to help you with your blog, be it a web copywriter or designer.

Benefit for publishers,

advertisers and Google

If you have been paying attention to me, then you will know about the countless benefits of the Google AdSense program. Both for publishers, companies, and Google itself.

Therefore, in this section, I will detail, its main benefits, and how each one takes some advantage of the AdSense program.


Nowadays, publishers earn very well, thanks to AdSense, of course! How many times have I met blogging friends who have quit their full-time jobs because their blogs generate enough money to live a quiet life without worrying about making ends meet.

There is certainly no time to start a career as a blogger. So, it doesn't matter, if you are a young student, finishing college, or in a full-time, low-paying job, what are you waiting for to create your new blog?

Finally, if you're a publisher, and you've benefited greatly from AdSense. So why not create your brand, of course! Take advantage of those thousands of dollars earned, and create your brand, so that your blogs, gain more confidence and prominence.


Advertisers, as well as publishers, are essential for AdSense. Because they are the ones in charge of putting up the money. Without them, Google AdSense wouldn't exist, plain and simple. But what do they get in return?

Companies know the impact that the Internet has nowadays, not to say that 90% of their success lies in promoting themselves on the Internet. Therefore, they do not skimp on their budget to get their ads in the best blogs, websites,s and Google search engines.

Their main goal is to get more customers, who, through the content of the publishers, can learn about their products and services, and are convinced that they need to buy them immediately.

Finally, it was sometimes very difficult for small companies to get the best ads. Therefore, Google Adwords was created, being a direct line between advertisers and Google.


And how does Google benefit? Well, for starters they take 32% of the payments from businesses looking to join the AdSense ad program. Also, this captures the attention of all the companies that will seek to belong to Google Adwords.

Certainly, Google is looking for all companies to join its Adwords program, so they can have 100% of the payments from advertisers to mount their ads on Google search engines.

Therefore, we are in the presence of a "Triple Symbiosis", since, both "Publishers", "Advertisers" and "Google" need and benefit from AdSense.

AdSense Alternatives

Other Google AdSense program competitors or AdSense alternatives

Of course, Google AdSense is not the only program, which uses contextual ads, therefore, there are several options, as a publisher, that you can choose from. But are they better than AdSense and are they competitive options?

Certainly, many publishers and advertisers choose other advertising programs, not so much for being better or worse, certainly, they take into account their policies and terms of use, in addition to the economic benefits that can be obtained.

So, I will present you with some AdSense Alternatives. That can come in handy, either to know them or try a different way to earn money, let's review them:

  • Chitika
  • Clicksor
  • Kontera
  • Adbrite
  • BuySellAds
  • ClickZ
  • Amazon Associates
  • Tribal Fusion, etc.
  • Media.net
  • Infolinks

Also, you will find different ways of advertising, such as, for example:

  • Text link ads: You will get income, by creating links on your websites.
  • Infolinks: A platform that will pay you for creating links that show a certain ad.

In conclusion, all these programs are important because they will give Google AdSense a competition, so they can improve their features and functions to overcome their rivals. Meanwhile, publishers and advertisers can find an alternative if they don't want to use AdSense or want to try a new advertising program.

Why Google Adsense is the first choice for publishers or bloggers?

As you saw above, Google AdSense has several competitors, but why do publishers and advertisers still prefer it? Simple! The answer is "Google", yes, and I'll explain...

Google is the king of internet searches. How many of you know other search engines as effective as Google? Exactly! The first choice, for everyone, is Google. So, its authority is unquestionable, and it is the cradle of the most successful publishers in the world.

Also, another of the preferred qualities of Google AdSense, above all, by publishers. Certainly, it is the ease of use and management. Combined with good technical support, which will help you at any time as an AdSense user.

Another reason why AdSense is preferred. Undoubtedly, it is for the inclusion of third-party ads Yes, gentlemen! For some time now, the Google AdSense program has been allowing the use of ads from other advertising companies.

In Google, they are very smart and do not want their publishers, go to other ad companies, therefore, they tell you "Relax, you can put the ads from any ad company, from the comfort of AdSense" a good move to eliminate the competition.

Google AdSense Payments

Finally, Google will never fail to pay you, other companies simply do not pay you, or have any delays in payments. Certainly, in AdSense, you will not have that problem.

How do advertisers view the Google Adsense program?

Indeed, advertisers do not have a great impact on the operation of Google AdSense, but it is true that everything that happens in it, affects them to a lesser or greater extent.

You know very well the close relationship between AdSense and Adwords. Therefore, advertisers will only get great benefits when their ads are in the best Google content, and for that, you need good publishers.

Therefore, Google always looks for the best content, so that the ads are well used, and consequently, advertisers can take advantage of AdSense in the best way.

Therefore, advertisers are always on the lookout for publishers that provide the best content. Finally, this is a "Carousel", Google will pay more to publishers, they will seek to create the best content to get more revenue, and advertisers will benefit from quality content.

Lack of transparency from Google

However, not everything can be good, right? So, I want to talk to you about the other side of the coin, and it certainly has to do with Google's transparency, do they tell the truth?

Officially, Google tells us that they will pay you 68% of the advertisers' payments, keeping the other 32%. But what they do not tell us is how much has been paid by advertisers per ad clicked.

The truth is that the publishers do not know how much Google receives, imagine in the case that an advertiser pays Google the amount of $ 5.00, then, legally, you would get $ 3.40, and the other $ 1.60 to Google All right? No? But what if the advertiser didn't pay $5.00, but $10.00, you see? You can never know.

Despite the claims of users, Google has never declared the official payment figures of its advertisers. Therefore, it is inevitable to think that they are hiding something, and that would be the other side of AdSense.

Google AdSense Abuse

In the world, there are living people, in this case, I know them as "Living Bloggers". They want to abuse the AdSense program. One of those malicious tactics, certainly, is to click your ads. Do you think it will work?

Just to tell you that for any blogger who performs suspicious activities, Google will detect it immediately, having great consequences, such as canceling the AdSense account forever, or worse, an IP ban, which prevents access to AdSense.

Google has different security mechanisms, for example, publishers can only show 3 ads per page. Also, don't even try to get your friends and family to click like crazy, because this will turn into a permanent ban.

Unfortunately, there are also malicious methods and software that try to alter the operation of AdSense, so they are strictly forbidden by Google Please! Don't fall into bad steps, I know you want to earn money quickly, but it's worth risking all your effort and image, right? Right?

Criticism of Google AdSense

In every area of the world, Google AdSense is criticized by thousands of publishers. Why do they have this? Why do they pay more per ad there? Therefore, I will leave you a list with the main criticisms that revolve around AdSense:

  • There are countries, where Google pays more to their publishers and content creators. Which, for some, is a bit unfair.
  • Certainly, there are times when Google closes AdSense accounts for no reason.
  • Also, Google AdSense has been heavily criticized for displaying ads that contain explicit sexual content.
  • There are users, who have demonstrated, the closure of their accounts, without reason, and that Google, has kept all the money generated in AdSense.
  • And, of course, the lack of transparency, that I talked about in one of the previous sections of this article.

The future of the Google Adsense program and its effect on publishers

To conclude, this excellent guide to AdSense. We must remember the bright future that awaits the Google AdSense program and its publishers.

Every day, we see how AdSense is advancing, especially for all publishers who are looking for more revenue through quality content. Certainly, this constancy of content creators is vital for the survival of AdSense.

More advertisers harvest a lot of money to place their ads in this quality content. In short, AdSense is a market that will not stop, and that only remains to grow. So, if you are not taking advantage of it yet, what are you waiting for to get on board the money boat?


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